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A Dream of Tomorrow - The Earth Issue

Issue 4 of The Earth Issue magazine

The Earth Issue’s fourth edition looks at alternative visions of the future in a world marked by crisis. What is the role of the artist in imagining what could be? What does reconstruction look like? How can we design a better tomorrow that ensures an intersectional approach taking into account both human wellbeing and environmental protection? The lockdown shed new light and a growing emphasis on slow craft, activism-driven and speculative work within the arts: projects that provide a conceptual template for the path of recovery ahead, or ones that tangibly set a course into motion. These are the kind of stories we sought for “A Dream of Tomorrow.”

A4, 80 pages, offset print using non-soya vegetable oil-based inks, perfect bound, full colour on 100% recycled uncoated paper.

© Dipo Kayode-Osi